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by eman iac16
Negi Springfield E Un Bambino Di 10 Anni Del Galles Che Va In Giappone A Fare L'insegnante D'inglese Nell'Istituto Femminile Mahora. In Realta, Negi E Un ...

10 Good Manga

by J
Read Description DO NOT OWN SONG OR PICTURES 10 good Manga to read (my opinion) 1. Nisekoi 2. Unbalance x2 3. Boyfriend 4. Sweet 16 - 5 Oneshots ...

Uncharted Territory 2 - Folge 22 - EKLIG!

by Ralleel
"Uncharted Territory 2" ist eine Adventure Map von AMLP im "Complete the Monument" Stil. Ziel: Alle 16 Wollfarben in den dazugehörigen Dungeons finden ...

Hellami Animated Series Episode 1"Hellami"

by KOEX Studio
Hellami Animated Series Episode 1"Hellami". The year is 2070, Hellami arrived in Bayfort as a special inspector for the rising cases of "Sharks" attacks.

||SAS|| Animesmerize Me! - Gears in Motion (Ultimate Edition) AMV (1080p)

by MoonieAMV
Download the song remix used in this video here: Releasing an AMV on my birthday! XD How many anime can ...

Noein Opening Full

by Shu
Opening di Noein (Eufonius - "Idea"); perdonate la qualità video (in questo caso poco importa), volevo preservare solamente quella audio. Buon ascolto!

Kyo Kara Maoh! Season 1 Episode 01 English Sub

by Sor Baria
Kyou Kara Maou / Kyo Kara Maoh! 1st season, 1st episode.

Devil may cry episode 03 English dub

To Download, the anime go to website

ef - a fairy tale AMV Forever

by MaYuRaSaKaToMo01
Disclaimer: Esta serie y musica no me pertenece, solo a sus respectivos dueños. holaaaaa!!! este e mi segundo amv!!! me siento orgullosa, descarge unos ...

[ amv anime mix ] darkeldion - classic trance

by eldion78
Pour une fois je me fais totalement plaisir. Cherchez pas une histoire il y en a pas. Voyez le titre de l'amv : Classic Trance, ça veut tout dire. un various fait en ...

Pretear Episode 1 English Dub

by himikogirl
I do not own this video, all credit goes to its rightful owners. Please like and subscribe!

whichblade ep 2 part 1

by biprincess6961
An awesome and sexy anime n u nigs better comment n rate.

Eureka Seven Slide Show -- Your Call

by BaiKoi Jjang
Eureka Seven Slide Show consists photos that I've downloaded and captured on the episodes of its anime series . ..I'm a huge fan of Eureka Seven since I was ...

Chokotto Sister - Opening full (sub. español)

by Musica
Descarga vídeo (HD):ñ (Esta version esta editada con el ...

amv series anime

by idruk86
varias series de anime, el grupo es blood stain child la canción freedom espero que disfruten.

AMD Radeon HD 7850m Overclocking Tutorial

by adamdoom89
This tutorial will help you Overclock your AMD Radeon HD 7850m Graphics card... Follow the steps in the video... Download the latest MSI Afterburner...

I Could Get Used To This [maronXchiaki]

by Kumiko632
i've finally got the hang of the transition thinggy!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! this is my first all kamikaze kaitou jeanne vide and i just finished the series so this has A LOT OF ...

Watch Planetes Episode 1 English Dubbed Animeland

by TVHD 58

This is Otakudom 6 of 6

by Renzer
PLEASE READ FIRST: NOTE: NOT BY ME PARODY, FAIR USE Please check out the playlist for this video on my profile. The playlist is called: This is Otakudom.

Seikon No Qwaser II OP- FULL (with download link in the description box)

by blueicearmy90

SSSS Gridman Episode 01 English Dubbed

by jiji jojo

Kajiura Yuki - Bijo to Yajuu

by Zoé Pápai

My ANIME Mix 2010

by AngelBlue64
Mix it!!! 2 Lieder ;) Animes: Lucky Star, DNAngel, Elfenlied, 3 te weiß ich leider net, Fullmoon wo sagashite, Mermaid Melody, Dragonball...

Black Bullet [Opening/Op 2] HD Original

by one chan
Opening 2 de esta gran serie :) recomendada.

X Creditless Opening Myuji eX DreamHane

by CK Nock

Negi, maestro di magia cantata da Santo Verduci (tv Size) Contactoons

by Contactoons
su Contactoons la serie tv dedicata al piccolo grande mago Negi Compra il cd su Amazon ...

Sally's Song: Nagi X Karako

by Keoni Mae
I never really got into them as a couple, but I think my own video changed my mind...It really does capture their relationship though I won't spoil anything haha.

MAR slide show

by kittenangle
ok, this is my very first slide show. I got the pics from photobucket. It's not so great, but oh well. hope you all enjoy! ^_^

11 Eyes [Opening Movie]

by zicin02
bueno les subo el opening de esta serie q se esterno en algunos dias mas... ademas es uno de mis proyectos q voy a subir y otros mas a medida q salgan les ...

Anime Trance - Anima Libera

by llea5678
Dj Raaban - Anima Libera.

Forever - SoRo Eng.Fandub

by lSoRol
This was the first song that I'd heard from Himeka, back in the day- that really shocked me. I always thought: "Holy crap! She needs to be a professional!!" ... and ...

[AMV The SoulTaker] Ashes of the Coming Dawn [by Warheart]

by amvde
EDITOR: Warheart ANIME: The SoulTaker MUSIC: Dark Tranquillity - No One CREATED: September 5, 2005 DOWNLOAD: ...

lucky star english dub episode 1 part 2

by MegaAnimeGuru
Well here's part two of the first episode of "Lucky Star". Enjoy!

Air TV Ending {Creditless}

by AniShiz101
Anime: Air TV Song: Farewell Song Artist: Lia Download: NOTE: If the song title or artist is wrong please let me ...

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ending 2 HD ( Eng Sub and Legendado Pt-Br)

by OtakuSoulProduction
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Opening 2 HD ( Pt-Br and Eng Sub) Sakura-sō no Pet na Kanojo (さくら荘のペット ...

Hot Shot

by PinkHana811
Back-up Account: A mini video made by me. This was made out of complete randomness, no specific ...

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Opening

by Otakuchan
Opening of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou anime series.. watch latest naruto ang bleach episodes at or

Escaflowne Ep 1 Eng Dubbed

by AnimeFan1728
Escaflowne Espisode 1, english dubbed, I DO NOT OWN THIS.

2 Opening Seikon No Qwaser Sub español

by Asuka Swift
Buena Serie.

Engage Planet Kiss Dum BGM - Strong Meta Fingers Deliberately

by ShinigamiXtreme
This is a soundtrack that is not included in the OST CD. I'm not 100% sure about the name since I download it in japanese but the translation I found says it ...

23 - Yokoku 02

by Lidia Garcia Ruiz
Album Title: Digimon Adventure 02 Uta to Ongakushuu Ver.1. Anime Title: Digimon Adventure.02. Catalog Number: NECA-30024. Release Type: Soundtrack.

Yumeria opening (full)

by RichnPlays
hope you enjoy! ;)

Hayarigami English Translation - 3

by Taintedbeef
This is Hayarigami Portable, a horror/mystery game about a detective investigating different cases based on urban legends in Japan. The game uses an ...

Kotoko - Shooting Star full (Onegai Teacher Opening)

by yuki kaai
English--- Song by:Kotoko neither the song nor the pictures belong to me all to their respective owners ---Español--- Canción de Kotoko ni la canción ni la ...

Save Me! Lollipop (English Dub) Episode 1

by SukasCircus
Plot: Nina Yamada is a junior high 7th grader who dreams about a prince charming who will allways protect her no matter what. One day, Nina "accidentally" ...

Bast of Syndrome

by yukiisagirl
Opening theme song.

Gai-Rei-Zero Op Full

by DarkDragon791
Opening der Anime Serie Gai Rei Zero.

AMV » 010 » Mixed - HD

by AnimeMusicVideoBr
Anime Music Video abreviado por AMV, é um clipe de vídeo e áudio de uma ou mais séries de animes. Estes clipes geralmente são produzidos por fãs e não ...

Como ver y decargar animes completos y en buena calidad.

by Anime Edie
Link del programa: Pagina para ver animes:

Opening Erementar Gerad Flag of BlueSky
la suite d'Erementar Gerad !!! voila des info sur la suite et si vous posez la questio qui c'est la Eval powar voila leur site Erementar Gerad -Flag of Bluesky- (Soukuu No Ikusahata) est une histoire différente de Erementar Gerad a par que l'histoire se passe dans le même monde, Gadhia L'histoire prend place dans un lieu éloigné de Gadhia: le Royaume du Soleil. Un lieu prospère où règne la paix, mais un jou...

Erementar gerad ending

Erementar Gerad - Trailer - Saison 1
Voilà Le Trailer d'un suberpe manga pour moi ^^ Bon film !

Erementar Gerad Folge 7 German Sub

Erementar gerad op

Erementar Gerad - Ending
Voila l'ending final de la série. Il devrait vous donner envi...

Erementar Gerad Opening Opening d' Erementar Gerad Titre : Forever. Interprète : Savage Genius TnK

Erementar Gerad 09
Épisode 09 de Erementar gerad

Erementar Gerad OP (TV version) & Long version
Voici mon nouveau coup de coeur du mois! Erementar Gerad, une histoire à vous couper le souffle! Résumé: Coud, un pirate du ciel, découvre par hasard une fille, Reverie Metherlence, en tant que butin après une incursion sur un autre vaisseau. C'est là qu'il découvre ce que sont les Edil Raid : des êtres vivants qui, en fusionnant avec un humain, deviennent de précieuses armes en combats grâce à des pouvoirs obtenus par leurs chants distinctifs. Suite à une attaque, Coud se retrouve séparé du reste d...

Erementar Gerad folge 3 teil 3

Erementar Gerad - I Need A Hero AMV
Erementar Gerad - I Need A Hero AMV

Yume no hate-Erementar gerad

Erementar Gerad 1 (Opening)

Erementar Gerad ending

Erementar Gerad 04
Épisode Erementar Gerad 04

Erementar Gerad Opening
Opening de l' anime Erementar Gerad en Vostfr

Erementar Gerad 08
épisode 08 de Erementar gerad

Erementar Gerad 07
épisode 07 de Erementar gerad

erementar gerad épisode
TITRE ORIGINAL : Erementar Gerad ANNÉE DE PRODUCTION : 2005 STUDIO : [XEBEC] GENRES : [AVENTURE] [COMBAT & ARTS MART.] [FANTASTIQUE & MYTHE] AUTEUR : Non spécifié VOLUMES, TYPE & DURÉE : 26 EPS 25 mins Coud Van Giruet alias Coud est un jeune pirate de l'air appartenant au groupe des Red Lynx. Son quotidien va être considérablement perturbé dès lors qu'il va rencontrer Reverie Metherlence, l'ultime Edil Raid, dernière de sa lignée, aux pouvoirs extraordinaires. Ensemble et ac...

Erementar Gerad 02
Épisode 2 de Erementar Gerad

Erementar Gerad op

Erementar Gerad 05
Épisode 05 de Erementar gerad

Erementar Gerad ~Flag of BlueSky~
Erementar Gerad ~Flag of BlueSky~ Need new shirts ? Need new clothes ? Need new shirts, get it at

Erementar Gerad Opening

Erementar Gerad Folge 1-26 Ger Sub
Erementar Gerad Folge 1-26 Ger Sub

Erementar Gerad 03
Épisode 3 de Erementar Gerad

Erementar gerad opening

Erementar Gerad (Episode 01)

erementar gerad - opening
voici l'opening d'elementar gerad

Erementar gerad opening 1

Erementar Gerad - Forever

Erementar gerad op1

Diaporama Erementar Gerad

Erementar Gerad - 1° Opening
Opening 1 de l'Abime Erementar Gerad ! ^^

Erementar Gerad Matoe Suifu no Ken Gameplay HD 1080p PS2
Erementar Gerad: Matoe, Suifu no Ken [NTSC-J] [SLPM-62623] Three video games based on Elemental Gelade was released only in Japan midway through the anime season for mobile phones, PlayStation 2, and Game Boy Advance. Prior to the PS2 release, Taito released a 2D fighting game for mobile phones in May 2005. The PS2 version of the game called Erementar Gerad: Matoe, Suifu no Ken was released on June 30, 2005. Matoe, Suifu no Ken is a 3D cel-shaded fighting game featuring seven characters/groups and two unl...

[O-KA] - Erementar Gerad Promo

27 Erementar Gerad - Eyecatch B
27 Erementar Gerad - Eyecatch B Need new shirts ? Need new shirts, get it at Need new shirts ?

Erementar Gerad - Ending
Et voivi son premier ending.

Erementar Gerad (Everlasting Song)

Erementar Gerad ~Flag of Blue Sky~ TRAILER
Promo de la Saison 2 d'Erementar Gerad, intitulée "Flag of blue Sky"

Opening erementar gerad en live
l' opening de erementar gerad en live par savage titre: genius forever perso j'aime bien cette chanteuse

[[Erementar Gerad Blank Infinity Epica]]
Voici ma premiere amv sur Erementar Gerad ... ;) Dites moi qu'est ce que vous en pensez ? Music : Epica - Blank Infinity

Erementar Gerad Ending Ending de "Erementar Gerad" Titre : Forever. Interprète : Savage Genius TnK
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