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Titulo: Chocotto Sister Otros títulos: ちょこッとSister Género: Comedia, Drama, Romance Episodios: 24 Año: 2006 Audio: Japones Subtitulos: Español Formato: ...

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Chocotto Sister (ちょこッとSister) is a manga series written by Gō Zappa and illustrated by ..... Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version ...

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Chocotto Sister is an anime television series produced by Nomad and directed by Yasuhiro ..... Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version  ...

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Chocotto Sister ist ein Anime des Studios »Nomad Inc.« mit dem Hauptgenre ... Dennoch ist Chokotto Sister eine recht sympathische Serie mit niedlichen ...

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Zerochan has 11 Chocotto Sister anime images, wallpapers, and many more in its gallery. ... Tagged under Manga, Series, NOMAD and Takeuchi Sakura. Filters . Normal Mode, Strict ... Chocotto Sister download Chocotto Sister image · 1 Fav.

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Überblick. Studio: Nomad Kategorie: Romanze, TV-Serie, Comedy, Ecchi Erscheinungsjahr: 2006. Episoden: 24. Episodenlänge: ca. 24 min ...

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Find Chocotto Sister, Vol. 3 at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray.

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User recommendations about the anime Chocotto Sister on MyAnimeList, ... due to the story in both series although different they share subplots to some extent.

Anime Spotlight: NAKAIMO ~My little sister is among them!~ - Anime ...
23 Jun 2012 ... Anime Spotlight: NAKAIMO ~My little sister is among them!~ ... Director - Munenori Nawa: (Fortune Arterial, Kiss×sis); Series Composition - Go Zappa: ( Chocotto Sister, Koihime Muso) ... Click the button below to download it.

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Chocotto Sister (ちょこッとSister) is a manga series written by Gō Zappa and illustrated by Sakura Takeuchi. It is published by Hakusensha in the magazine Young Animal and collected in 8 tankōbon volumes. The series has been adapted into a 24-episode anime television series by Nomad, airing in 2006 and released on 8 DVDs. It is also known as Chokotto Sister and Chocosis. The story centers around a Christmas wish made by a young Haruma Kawagoe, who was eagerly anticipating having a baby sister, after his mother suffered a miscarriage followed by a hysterectomy. Several years later, when Haruma is a college student, a woman on a flying motorbike claiming to be Santa Claus delivers his wish, a younger sister. When he remarks that he made his wish a long time ago, "Santa" replies that making a little sister takes a lot more time than just making an android, takes his signature for delivery, and departs. Haruma now has a little sister, who comes with her own instruction manual — a manual for how to be a little sister, that is. When she asks him to name her, he calls her Choko, which refers to the Japanese word for "manual".

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Chocotto Sister 03 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 07 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 02 vostfr P1
voila la 2

Chocotto sister 02 part1

Chocotto Sister 18 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 08 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 14 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 06 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 05 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 09 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 17 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 09 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 15 Vostfr P2

Harenchi Punch - Doki Doki!
Harenchi Punch - Doki Doki! My Sister Soul chocotto sister

Chocotto Sister 10 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 08 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister catgirl
le generique de fin de chocotto sister

Chocotto Sister 16 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 06 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 03 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 19 Vostfr P1
et voila enfin l'épisode 19^^ bon matage

Chocotto Sister 17 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 19 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 04 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 15 Vostfr P1

Chocotto Sister 12 Vostfr P1

Chocotto sister 03 part1
Episode 3: L'arrivée de Kanrinin-san

Chocotto Sister 01 Vostfr P2
la suite du 1^^

Chocotto Sister 10 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 04 Vostfr P2

[Elesghost-TV] Découverte de Chocotto Sister (Partie 01)
Vidéo faite il y a un moment. A la demande de Koleo, j'ai reposté. No commentaires svp...

Chocotto Sister 14 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 02 Vostfr P2

Chocotto Sister 01 Vostfr P1
voila le premier épisode de chocotto sister dites moi si vous aimez sinon je vais pas me donner la peine de mettre la suite mdr^^ petit intro pour donner des info: le jeune Kawagoe Haruma qui avais demander au père noël une petit soeur quand sa mère etait enceite quand il etait jeune 5-6 ans je dirai^^ jeune vois un jours un femme deguiser en pere noel sur une moto volante lui livrer un Cadeau avec quelque année de retard pas plus de detailje vous laisser mater la video^^

[Elesghost-TV] Découverte de Chocotto Sister (Partie 02)
La suite... Hum hum.

Chocotto sister 03 part2

Chocotto Sister 11 Vostfr P2

Chocotto sister 01 part1
Un étudiant, Haruma, reçoit un jour une visite un peu particulière: la Mère Noël sur une moto volante. Mais le plus étonnant sera le cadeau qu'il recevra: une petite soeur qu'il avait demandé au pere Noël tout petit, sa mère ayant fait une fausse couche. Il lui donnera le nom de Choco, en référence au petit livre d'instructions de petite soeur dont elle se sert à n'importe quelle occasion Une nouvelle vie va commencer pour Haruma et Choco... Episode 1: Une petite soeur en cadeau?

Chocotto sister 04 part1
Episode 4: Black Saint Valentin

Chocotto sister 02 part2

Chocotto Sister - 07

Chocotto sister 01 part2

Chocotto Sister Trailer

Chocotto sister 04 part2

Bande Annonce de la Série Sister Sister + Les Jumelles 1999
Bande Annonce de la Série Sister Sister + Les Jumelles 1999 Canalj

La série Sister Sister va faire son retour
Préparez-vous à retrouver les jumelles les plus déjantées du petit écran. La série Sister Sister va faire son retour. La comédienne Jackée Harry l'a confirmé sur un plateau télévisé. 20 ans après, que sont devenues Tia et Tamera ?

Nesse vídeo eu abri muitas surpresas L.O.L. Tem série 1, série 2, Lil sisters e Fizz (Bath Bomb). Espero que gostem do vídeo. MEU NOVO LIVRO: QUERO SER UMA YOUTUBER! Saraiva: Livraria Cultura: Clique em gostei e se inscreva no canal, que ficarei muito feliz! Minha Música Vamos Sorrir: Minhas Outras Redes Sociais: Meu outro canal: Meu site - Instagram - Fanpage - Kuddle: @juliasilva eujuliasilva Aviso para os responsáveis: Canal Livre para todas as idades. Aqui vo...

Génerique de la Série Sister Sister 1999 Canalj

Jackee Harry confirme le retour de la série "Sister Sister" 15 ans après son arrêt sur le plateau du talk show de Steve
Jackee Harry confirme le retour de la série "Sister Sister" 15 ans après son arrêt sur le plateau du talk show de Steve Harvey
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