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Brdo (pronounced ) is a settlement in the Municipality of Domžale in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia. The church in Brdo is located above the hamlet of Goropeče. It is dedicated to the Saint Nicholas. It is a chapel of ease and belongs to the parish of Saint George in Ihan. The church is originally a Gothic single-nave church that was reworked in the Baroque style in 1750, when the bell tower and chapel were added. The sacristy dates from 1718. The rib-vaulted chancel dates to the 14th century and contains paintings by a student of the 15th-century master painter Bolfgang. The church has Renaissance and Baroque furnishings, and the main altar was created in 1669.

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2018 04 05 10 08 52

by Bj쿨가이!
리니지 신입 BjDoDo! 속시원한 사이다 발언 게임방송!


by garen ten

악플 왕따 고소 벗방.. 그리고 임신 [사과티비 BJ사과]

by 사과티비 - 사과TV
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by 女主播

Galantis - Runaway (BJ DoDo)

by 김성휴

[101티비] 어머... BJ사과 다리찢기 대참사 방송사고! (팝콘티비 사과)

by 101티비
101티비 보기 *페이스북 *앱으로 보기…

Korean Girl BJ Hot Dance #1

by Korean - BJ

Sexy Korean BJ Dance 18+ HOT

by Korean Bj Princess
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BJ runaway

by cloeluis

Admin Bj (happy Birthday)

by Mayvie Roxas

Runaway Bj Tribute Live @ San Martino in Strada ( Lo )

by Stefano Zeni
Runaway The Italian Bon Jovi Tribute Live @ San Martino in Strada ( LO ) 23/06/2012.

DJ Gedruk DALAN LIYANE - HENDRA KUMBARA Cover Full Bass Ambyar

by Nico Saputra
balik lagi sama remix ngawur lurr.. di tonton yo wes ngono wae.. Original hendra kumbara: Original Cover ...

DODO VIP INTERVEIW -Yasmeriz كنفتخر حيت كيشبهوني بسعد المجرد - لاكنت كندير سماوي كنتي تلقاني فهاواي

by salon dodo
DODO VIP INTERVEIW -Yasmeriz كنفتخر حيت كيشبهوني بسعد المجرد - لاكنت كندير سماوي كنتي هتلقاني فهاواي Fcebook Page : https://www.facebook...
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