Bordertown -american Tv Series

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GenreAnimated sitcom
Created byMark Hentemann
Voices ofHank Azaria
Nicholas Gonzalez
Alex Borstein
Judah Friedlander
Missi Pyle
Jacqueline Piñol
Efren Ramirez
Carlos Alazraqui
Composer(s)Mark Mothersbaugh
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)Mark Hentemann
Seth MacFarlane
Co-executive producers:
Alex Carter
Dan Vebber
Producer(s)----Supervising producers:
Valentina L. Garza
B.J. Porter
Editor(s)Donnell Ebarrete
Running time20–22 minutes
Production company(s)Hentemann Films
Fuzzy Door Productions
Bento Box Entertainment
20th Century Fox Television
Distributor20th Television
Original networkFox
Picture format720p (16:9 HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital 5.1
Original releaseJanuary 3 (2016-01-03) 
May 22, 2016 (2016-05-22)
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The Cleveland Show

Bordertown is a 2016 American animated sitcom created by Mark Hentemann, creator of MTV's 3-South, for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series follows two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States–Mexico border.[1] Bordertown is a joint production by Bento Box Entertainment, Fuzzy Door Productions, 20th Century Fox Television, Hentemann Films and syndicated by 20th Television.


On May 12, 2016, the series was canceled after one season.[2]


Bordertown takes place in the fictitious town of Mexifornia (which is on the border of California and Mexico).[3] Mexifornia is said to be based on the town of Calexico, California, sharing a similar location and dynamic as Mexifornia. The two main characters are Bud Buckwald and Ernesto Gonzalez. Bud is a border agent living at 25200 Cedar Road with his wife, Janice Buckwald, and their three children, Sanford, Becky and Gert. Living next door to him is Ernesto Gonzalez, an ambitious immigrant and family man, who has been in the country less than 10 years and is happy to be with his family in the United States of America.[4]

Voice cast

  • Hank Azaria as Bud Buckwald, a Border Patrol agent.[5]
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as
    • Ernesto Gonzalez, Bud's Mexican neighbor who's been living in Mexifornia for 20 years.
    • J.C. Gonzalez (Juan Carlos), Ernesto and Maria's 21-year-old college graduate nephew and Becky's fiancé.
    • Pablo Barracuda, the biggest drug lord in Mexifornia.[6][7]
  • Alex Borstein as
    • Janice Buckwald, Bud's wife and Becky, Sanford and Gert's mother.
    • Becky Buckwald, Bud's 18-year-old daughter and J.C's fiancée.[6]
  • Judah Friedlander as Sanford Buckwald, Janice and Bud's 24-year-old rebellious son.[6] In the episode "American Doll", it's revealed that Sanford was born on a skip day; 32 February, which is why he's never had any birthdays. In the same episode, it is hinted that Sanford is just a cover name and that his real name is Vince though this was previously hinted in the episode "Groundhog Day" .
  • Missi Pyle as Gert Buckwald, Bud and Janice's 5-year-old daughter who is a beauty pageant contestant.[6]
  • Jacqueline Piñol as Pepito Gonzalez, Ernesto and Maria's youngest son who pranks Bud regularly.[8]
  • Efren Ramirez as Ruiz Gonzalez, Maria and Ernesto's eldest son.[6]
  • Carlos Alazraqui as
    • Placido Gonzalez, Ernesto's illegal alien father who is cranky.
    • El Coyote, a Mexican trickster and people smuggler who always tries to cross the border and regularly taunts Bud in the cold openings.


Season 1 (2016)

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
1"The Engagement"Jacob HairMark Hentemann & Lalo AlcarazJanuary 3, 2016 (2016-01-03)1AXH012.34[9]
Border patrol officer Bud Buckwald is furious when he learns that his daughter, Becky, is engaged to Ernesto Gonzalez's college-educated activist nephew, J.C., whom she has been dating for four years. He is soon delighted when an anti-immigration law is passed that leads to J.C.'s deportation. Realizing that he wants Becky to be happy, Bud enlists Ernesto's help to bring J.C. back.
2"Borderwall"Albert CallerosMark Hentemann & Lalo AlcarazJanuary 10, 2016 (2016-01-10)1AXH063.58[10]
Bud uses confiscated drug money to build a border wall, but when it destroys the economy and costs him his job, he starts smuggling aliens under the wall.
3"MegaChurch"Gavin DellValentina L. GarzaJanuary 17, 2016 (2016-01-17)1AXH082.57[11]
Reverend Fantastic, the corrupt, yet happy-go-lucky preacher of Bud's megachurch, wants Bud to recruit Ernesto in hopes of collecting more money from the growing Mexican population. While Ernesto is initially enchanted by the megachurch's beauty, Maria finds it very annoying. Meanwhile, Becky tries to find out why J.C. doesn't like church, and is convinced that J.C. was molested when Maria tells Becky that J.C. went on a religious camping trip and came back the next day, declaring that there is no God.
4"High School Football"Jack PerkinsDan VebberFebruary 14, 2016 (2016-02-14)1AXH031.70[12]
When Bud is hired as the new high school football coach, he's so desperate to win that he doesn't realize that the illegal immigrant he recruits is Pablo Barracuda's #1 drug mule.
5"Groundhog Day"Oreste CanestrelliKenny ByerlyFebruary 21, 2016 (2016-02-21)1AXH051.72[13]
The Mexifornia population tips from white majority to Latino majority when Maria's sister has a baby, so Bud tries to get romantic so he can have sex with Janice. However, when Janice reveals that a trampoline accident has made her infertile and J.C. suffers from racial guilt over being a majority (and, in his eyes, an oppressor), the Buckwalds move to a whites-only reservation.
6"J.C. Strikes"Gavin DellMichael Kennedy & Nathaniel SteinMarch 13, 2016 (2016-03-13)1AXH112.16[14]
Frustrated that J.C. still hasn't gotten a job, Ernesto hires him as part of his landscaping crew. When the job turns out too difficult, J.C. unionizes Ernesto's workers and begins a strike. Meanwhile, an ostrich stalks Bud and becomes his spirit animal, which Gert doesn't like.
7"Drug Lord"Albert CallerosMark HentemannApril 3, 2016 (2016-04-03)1AXH021.00[15]
Bud competes to be more successful than Ernesto, and ends up as the inside man for drug kingpin Pablo Barracuda at the Border Station.
8"Santa Ana Winds"Jacob HairJason ReichApril 10, 2016 (2016-04-10)1AXH131.19[16]
The Santa Ana winds lead to a series of strange events in Mexifornia, such as Sanford and Ernesto's son Ruiz traveling to Mexico to find a new explosive energy drink that Sanford becomes a scriptwriter extraordinaire from, Ernesto battling a satanic leaf refusing to leave the ground, and Bud meeting a Mexican version of him who steals his life, all of which J.C. is determined to find the meaning for.
9"Heart Attack"Oreste CanestrelliAlex CarterApril 17, 2016 (2016-04-17)1AXH121.19[17]
Gert has a heart attack during a pageant when Bud makes her binge on junk food. Unable to get help for her in Mexifornia, he only has one resort left: Mexico.
10"Wildfire"Jacob HairBJ PorterApril 24, 2016 (2016-04-24)1AXH071.16[18]
Bud refuses to evacuate when a wildfire threatens Mexifornia, so Ernesto comes to the rescue once the Buckwald house starts to burn. Meanwhile, J.C. and Becky see what it's like to date other people before committing to one another.
11"La Fiesta Noche Show"Ray ClaffeyVanessa RamosMay 8, 2016 (2016-05-08)1AXH101.08[19]
Bud becomes a celebrity in the Mexican community, thanks to his anger at a taping for the long-running Spanish variety show La Fiesta Noche.
12"American Doll"Jack PerkinsSusan Hurwitz ArnesonMay 15, 2016 (2016-05-15)1AXH091.30[20]

Janice is forced to get a job as Ernesto's housekeeper after Bud secretly spends $800 on an American Doll for Gert and maxes out the credit card on accessories. Meanwhile, Gert plots revenge against the American Doll company while Bud plans to get Janice fired, and Mario Lopez is chosen to be the first Mexican-American in space.

Note: Peter Griffin from Family Guy makes a cameo appearance at the start of the episode.
13"Viva Coyote"Ray ClaffeyGustavo ArellanoMay 22, 2016 (2016-05-22)1AXH041.16[21]
Bud and Pablo Barracuda each try to catch El Coyote for different reasons.



Seth MacFarlane and Mark Hentemann were announced as executive producers. Shortly afterwards, Alex Carter and Dan Vebber were announced as co-executive producers.[22] Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano are consulting producers, and Valentina L. Garza is a supervising producer.


There were thirteen writers who worked on Bordertown.[23] Mark Hentemann wrote or co-wrote three episodes. Lalo Alcaraz co-wrote the first two episodes.[23]


In the United States, the series premiered midseason on January 3, 2016, on Fox.[24] The series was picked up by ITV2 in the United Kingdom on March 23, 2015, to premiere on February 29, 2016 - immediately after the new season of Family Guy on the same channel.[25]

The series was also picked up by Network Ten in Australia and started airing on February 3, 2016 on its sister channel, Eleven.[26] In Canada, it was broadcast on City.[27]


Bordertown received generally negative reviews. On Metacritic, the show holds a 46/100 score based on 15 reviews.[28] On Rotten Tomatoes, the series receives a 35% rating based on 17 reviews with an average rating of 5.3/10. The critics' consensus reads: "Bordertown's controversy-rich premise is an idea disappointingly ill-served by its execution, which repeatedly mistakes crass, desperate gags for topical humor."[29]


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